So what do you do?

December 10, 2015

I hated this question as the reply “I’m an accountant” can be quite a conversation stopper. Also it didn’t describe what I did for the past 5 years as I had a range of really interesting internal roles at one of th7155210629_80764f870de Big 4. None of which included looking at accounts. But people want a quick answer and how many of us really understand what other people do?

I’ve only been out of work for a month and I am already warming to the question. I’ve had so many great conversations with people about my idea for a business. It’s still early days and the idea needs fleshed out but I’m excited about how I will answer “So what do you do?” in 2016!

So what am I excited about?

I want to enable entrepreneurs to get over their fear of numbers. To help them understand how to financially manage their business from Day 1 so they can make better business decisions. To be an ‘on demand’ Financial Director for start-ups and small businesses who helps them to thrive. 

images-2This will include upskilling them through coaching and courses as well as provision of tools. I will also be available to answer questions, provide feedback on work they have performed and to deliver consultancy projects (e.g. building forecasts for investment).

Why am I excited? I get to bring together my eclectic experience including auditing, forensic accounting, leadership coaching, innovation and mentoring of entrepreneurs to help those who are bringing their ideas to life. I have always loved hearing other peopltogether_we_thrive_by_fullmetalpipsqueak-d3ahhebe’s ideas and helping them execute. I thrive on the energy and buzz of it.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would make a difference? I would really love to hear your feedback.



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    This is amazing progress for just a month! I wish I had more of personal insight of what direction I should take whether in a business venture or career. Awesome work and ideas!

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      Thanks Chantell,

      Thanks – don’t be too hard on yourself. I have been thinking about what to do and how I can make a difference for years but particularly this past year. I often looked in awe of those that had a clear passion and knew what they wanted to do. I read loads of articles and courses on “finding your passion” but I have to say that Live Your Legend blog challenge has really helped as it has forced me to write my ideas – and commit to them.

      To be honest this idea was staring me in the face but I was avoiding it as I thought I needed to do something completely different and I didn’t see value in my professional experience until I worked with entrepreneurs. It is often what you find easy that you undervalue!

      There is a useful tool in my “Hiding in plain sight’ post for thinking about your sweet spot (an old boss of mine showed me a similar one during a career discussion).

      Good luck

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    I know what you mean about the “I’m an accountant” response! I say it with an apologetic tone in my voice these days.
    You seem clear on what’s next and I can feel your energy in the way you write it. I am sure you’ll throw everything at it to make it a success.

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      Thanks Paul. I’ve been amazed at how different people have reacted since I have started talking about my idea. Its the same skills but maybe the difference is my passion? Good luck

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    tara joffe

    I love this idea! I am self employed and my husband is the epitome of an entrepreneur, and your skills and knowledge would have been so helpful when we were first getting going! Here’s to your success and the success of all those you will help!

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      Thanks Tara for your encouragement! It means a lot to me.
      It would be great to know why you think my idea would have been useful? Especially compared to existing help e.g. accountants, business advisers etc.

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