What revolution will you lead?

January 7, 2016

So its Day 7 of the Live Your Legend Blog Challenge. The final day and its only taken me about 4 weeks! I’m still surprised I’m blogging at all so I’m not going to get too hung up on the timeline.

And what a belter of a last question. What revolution will you lead?

This fills me with more than a little fear. Do I want to lead a revolution? Would I be able to succeed? But thanks to the writing of Scott as well as Leah Cox and the Escape The City gang amongst others, I now know I am not alone in this fear so I am going to push on regardless and work it out along the way. Thanks guys!

After all the previous blog challenges and my own soul searching about what I want to do next I have decided my WHY is:

I want to enable purpose driven entrepreneurs to succeed. 

I want to help them have confidence that they can have profits as well as purpose.

That they can succeed (as per their own definition) without comprising their ethics, values and sacrificing their family and friends.

Part of this is enabling them to be able to understand the financial side of their business, to have confidence in their numbers and to be able to make evidence based financial decisions.

Another part is to enable them to deal with professional help that understands that maximising profit isn’t their main driver and will work with them and their values to identify their options.

As per Aaron Hurst, we are at the forefront of a Purpose Economy. I love this idea and I want to be leading the financial enablement!


So who wants to lead this revolution with me and what would be your way of helping purpose driven entrepreneurs to succeed?

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